6 - min short film
A young man who believes he is a superhero struggles to realise the reality of his past.
Flicker is a short film we made for the 2022 Adelaide 48-hour film project
The genres we were given were: Superhero & tearjerker
Jacob Houston
Brittany Gallasch
Zachery Watson
Flynn Hein
Linda Jane
Dayna Mattchewson
Liam Masterson
David Roberts
Adon Langhorn

Written & directed
by James Adams
Producer: Luke Librino
Director of Photography: Gene Freidenfelds
Edited: Adon Langhorn & James Adams
Screenplay: James Adams, Liam Masterson, Gene Freidenfelds, Luke Librino
Sound Recordist: Colin J. Pearce
1st AC: Liam Masterson
PA: David Roberts

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