Out, with a...
6 - min short film
Comedy / Thriller
At a surprise party, a group of friends have their loyalties tested when one gift turns out to be a bomb.
This short was shot in one uninterrupted 6 minute take
• Adelaide Film Festival 2023 (Aus) - screened as part of the Film Concept lab Presentation
• Glenelg Film Festival (Aus) - Official Selection
• Fleurieu Film Festival (Aus) - Honourable mention
James Skilton
Brittany Gallasch
Nick Launchbury
Luana Pohe
Patty GlavieuX
Jacob Houston
Marie Dangerfield

Written, directed & Produced
by James Adams
Associate Producer: colin J. Pearce
Director of Photography: Elias Kosmidis
Production Sound Mixer: Colin J. Pearce
1st AC: Sarah Whyte
PA: Mia McEachern, Oliver quixley
Prop creation & design: Riley Fraser Waters
Dialogue mix: Simon Koehn
Colour: Luke Librino

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